A New Kind of Apologist
Paperback: $16.99
With contributions from more than 20 leading apologists, including J.P. Moreland, Jay Richards, Brett Kunkle, and Alan Shlemon, A New Kind of Apologist is the go-to resource for effectively defending the Christian faith in our changing culture. In it you’ll discover:
  • important topics often ignored by apologists, such as transgender issues, religious freedom, and the intersection of economics and apologetics
  • a new kind of apologetics that is relational, gracious, and holistic
  • interviews with both seasoned apologists and skeptics, providing insights into how to do apologetics effectively in today’s culture
A New Kind of Apologist addresses the latest issues and adopts fresh strategies to equip you to reach those outside the church with the liberating truth of the gospel.

Since the publication of the first Ambassador's Guide in 2009, this series of books has been helping Christians face the most powerful challenges to their faith, all through concise and approachable guides. This complete collection includes the following titles (click each for more details):

Quick-Reference Trio
Laminated Cards: $9.75
In this presentation, Greg offers a critique of naturalism, developing three solid lines of reasoning to show naturalism’s inadequacy and Christianity’s superior “explanatory power” as a reliable guide to understanding the world.

Also available as MP3 download
Modeled after those notebook-sized study guides you may have used in high school or college, these handy laminated cards provide clear, concise summaries of STR tactics and arguments. Use these cards to occasionally refresh your memory, and employing their material will become second nature.