Precious Unborn Human Persons
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reTHINK Student Apologetics Conference DVD
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Is it possible that a baby the size of a pinhead is really a complete human person?

In Precious Unborn Human Persons, Gregory Koukl asks two vital questions. First, is the unborn is a separate, living human being? Second, if so, what is the right way for us to treat innocent human beings who are in the way and can't defend themselves?

His approach is straightforward, uncomplicated, and fair, each step focusing on specific questions that are carefully answered before moving to the next. The result is an easy-to-follow, well-reasoned discussion about what it means to be human, and what makes humans valuable.

The intellectual and moral challenges facing our young people are immense. It's time for the church to step up the training and discipleship of our students.

At Stand to Reason, we're doing our best to help parents and leaders with this task by hosting the reTHINK Student Apologetics Conference. Specifically tailored for students, this conference features a lineup of speakers who not only know their stuff, but can also make the content accessible to young minds. These video sessions will be an invaluable tool in effectively equipping students to stand for the truth of the Gospel. Presentations include:

  • John Stonestreet: It Matters What You Believe (Maybe More than You Think)
  • Brett Kunkle: If God Is Good, Why Is There Evil and Suffering?
  • Scott Klusendorf: Equipped to Engage: Making the Case for Life on Hostile Turf
  • J. Warner Wallace: Did Jesus Really Rise from the Dead?
  • Alan Shlemon: A Closer Look at Islam
  • Brett Kunkle: Your Turn: The Role-Play Challenge
iWitness Softcover Collection
Paperback (3 Books): $35.00
This summary of the arguments that dominate the current scene of thought unravels the philosophies behind modern popular and academic culture. Veale, a high school teacher, uses these arguments to motivate readers to stop and to think about their own direction and purpose, and ultimately, through consideration of the crucial questions, to find the vital answers. A collection of the three softcover iWitness titles from Doug Powell:

Old Testament iWitness: How is the Old Testament different from the Hebrew Bible? Who wrote these ancient books? How were they collected? Is it mythology or history? Explore these questions and many more with this visual tour of Jewish history and tradition and learn why the Old Testament is indeed the Word of God.

New Testament iWitness: Who wrote the New Testament? How do we know? How was it handed down? How can we know we have the original text? Were there any books that could have been included but were left out? Uncover the truth with this highly visual presentation of the history and formation of the canon that lets you follow the evidence and decide for yourself!

iWitness Biblical Archaeology: The Bible is not a history book, but it does claim to record very real history. Names, places, and events are all part of God’s revelation of Himself to the world. For centuries many of these people and places were lost to history and known only through Scripture. But archaeological discoveries reveal that the Bible is incredibly accurate. Venture into the field and experience many of the most important finds with this book!