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iWitness Softcover Collection
iWitness Softcover Collection

Doug Powell

Paperback (3 Books): $35.00


This set includes the following items:

  • 1 of Old Testament iWitness ($14.00 value)
  • 1 of New Testament iWitness ($14.00 value)
  • 1 of iWitness Biblical Archaeology ($14.00 value)
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A collection of the three softcover iWitness titles from Doug Powell:

Old Testament iWitness: How is the Old Testament different from the Hebrew Bible? Who wrote these ancient books? How were they collected? Is it mythology or history? Explore these questions and many more with this visual tour of Jewish history and tradition and learn why the Old Testament is indeed the Word of God.

New Testament iWitness: Who wrote the New Testament? How do we know? How was it handed down? How can we know we have the original text? Were there any books that could have been included but were left out? Uncover the truth with this highly visual presentation of the history and formation of the canon that lets you follow the evidence and decide for yourself!

iWitness Biblical Archaeology: The Bible is not a history book, but it does claim to record very real history. Names, places, and events are all part of God’s revelation of Himself to the world. For centuries many of these people and places were lost to history and known only through Scripture. But archaeological discoveries reveal that the Bible is incredibly accurate. Venture into the field and experience many of the most important finds with this book!