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Life Is Best: Saving Babies, Saving Souls, Equipping Christians

Scott Klusendorf

DVD Video: $48.00


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Lives are at stake. Souls hang in the balance. Some Christians are engaged in the battle, most are not. Life Is Best will thoroughly equip and inspire you to join the fight for lives and souls. This brilliantly produced 2-disc set features:

  • face-to-face engagement with university students and debates with pro-choice spokespeople
  • testimonies both from women who have had abortions and from people who were supposed to be aborted but lived to tell about it
  • the exposure of the gruesome business of abortion
  • a biblically sound response to the pro-choice position and its arguments

With 13 full-length episodes and an included PDF study guide, Life Is Best is the perfect personal, homeschool, or Sunday School resource.