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How to Reach Your Muslim Neighbor Common Ground without Compromise: Creating Dialogue on Abortion In the Beginning... We Misunderstood: Interpreting Genesis 1 in Its Original Context
Nearly 20% of the world’s population is Muslim. That’s a lot of Muslims. But sadly, few Christians are trying to reach those Muslims with the truth. Alan will teach you a powerful tactic to help reach your Muslim neighbor in a way that builds common ground, respects their faith, and uses their own scriptures to point them to the truth.

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Are you tired of seeing discussions about your faith and values degenerate into a war of angry words? Do you keep quiet about unpopular beliefs because you fear offending people? Stephen Wagner thinks there’s a third alternative: common ground without compromise.

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For years, the evangelical church and its members have debated whether the Bible should be interpreted literally or symbolically in regards to the age of the earth. In their groundbreaking new book, In the Beginning… We Misunderstood, authors Johnny V. Miller and John M. Soden say that all these arguments have missed the point. Rather, what Christians really need to know is how to interpret the Bible in its original context.

Exposing the fallacies of trying to make the biblical text fit a specific scientific presupposition, Miller and Soden offer a new approach to interpreting Genesis 1 that explores the creation account based on how the original audience would have understood its teaching. First, the authors present a clear explanation of the past and present issues in interpreting the first chapter of the Bible. Second, Miller and Soden break down the creation account according to its historical and cultural context by comparing and distinguishing both the Egyptian and Mesopotamian settings. Finally, they explore common objections to help readers understand the significance that the creation account has for theology today.

Christians need not look any further than Genesis 1 to find clues to its meaning. Both irenic and bathed in Scripture, In the Beginning… We Misunderstood will equip every believer to navigate the creation wars, armed with biblically sound explanations.

Includes a free CD recording of Greg's radio interview with the author.
I Beg to Differ: Navigating Difficult Conversations with Truth and Love Why I Am a Christian
Why I Am a Christian
DVD Video: $9.95
How do we communicate with people who disagree with us?

In today’s polarized world, friends and strangers clash with each other over issues large and small. Coworkers have conflicts in the office. Married couples fight over finances. And online commenters demonize one another’s political and religious perspectives. Is there any hope for restoring civil discourse?

Communications expert Tim Muehlhoff provides a strategy for having difficult conversations, helping us move from contentious debate to constructive dialogue. By acknowledging and entering into the other person’s story, we are more likely to understand where they’re coming from and to cultivate common ground. Insights from Scripture and communication theory provide practical ways to manage disagreements and resolve conflicts.

We can disagree without being disagreeable. And we can even help another see different points of view and learn from one another. Find out how.
In this presentation, Brett examines the most common reasons Christians give for why they embrace Christianity, and then examines the primary reason why we ought to embrace Christianity: because Christianity is true. He clarifies this controversial claim and shows how the truth of religious claims must be grounded in reality. Naturally, such a claim is followed by questions of how we can know Christianity is true, so Brett sets out a cumulative case approach that takes into account the wealth of evidence for the Christian worldview.