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Gift Certificate STR Bumper Sticker Jesus, the Only Way Quick-Reference Guide
STR gift certificates can be ordered in any dollar amount and are redeemable toward any resource in our online bookstore. Simply add the item to your cart as you would any other product, and you'll be able to select whether you'd like a printed certificate shipped or an electronic certificate emailed. You'll also be able to specify the amount of your certificate, as well as include a message to the recipient. Share your enthusiasm for clear thinking with this handsome STR sticker. Affix it to your car, window, or notebook to show people where they can find Christianity worth thinking about!

The ancient Christian teaching that trust in Jesus is anyone’s only hope for salvation clashes head-on with the modern idea that all religions are equally legitimate paths to God. Sadly, this “religious pluralism” is a notion many Christians have embraced, too. Is Jesus the only way? Is salvation dependent on faith in Christ?

This handy quick-reference guide identifies nine distinct lines of argument that biblically prove Jesus taught this truth and entrusted it to every one He trained to take His message after Him. Neither Jesus nor His disciples were religious pluralists. When a hundred passages argue the same point from a variety of different angles, it cannot be mistaken, only ignored.
Same-Sex Marriage Quick-Reference Guide Tactics Quick-Reference Guide Pro-Life Defense Quick-Reference Guide
Tactics Quick-Reference Guide
Laminated Card: $3.95
This same-sex marriage quick-summary card is Greg's best, most up-to-date assessment of one of the most controversial, culturally significant, and thorny issues facing the church today.  The card is meant to answer all the objections in a quick, but cogent way—all on a single, laminated sheet.  It’s the ultimate quick-reference tool and you won’t want to be without it. Tactics like Columbo, Steamroller, Suicide, or Taking the Roof Off can be a tremendous aid in managing your interactions with others, but keeping track of the details of how they work can be hard. So having a written summary of the specifics can really be helpful to help you maneuver with grace and confidence in conversations.

This handy tool will keep some of the most useful tactics close at hand to help you out. It's modeled on those notebook-sized study guides you may have used in high school or college. Think of it as a kind of Cliff's Notes of STR tactics. Use this card to occasionally refresh your memory, and these tactics will become second nature.
The case for the pro-life position--that elective abortion unjustly takes the life of a defenseless human being--is extremely solid. Science, philosophy, and moral common sense all testify to the soundness of the pro-life argument. But keeping track of the details in the face of the opposition's flawed reasoning and emotional appeals can sometimes be difficult. That's where this quick-reference guide comes in.

This handy laminated card provides a clear and concise summary of the pro-life argument, complete with answers to common objections that obscure the real issue, which is that abortion kills innocent human beings. With this tool at your side to refresh your memory, you'll be able to engage critics with full confidence that your case is solid and your appeal is just.

STR 20th Anniversary Mug Quick-Reference Trio STR 20th Anniversary Jump Drive
STR 20th Anniversary Mug
Ceramic Mug: $9.95
Sale Price: $4.95
Quick-Reference Trio
Laminated Cards: $9.75
Help celebrate 20 faithful years of clear-thinking Christianity with the Stand to Reason 20th anniversary mug! Now it's easy to show your friends and co-workers where to find well-reasoned answers to some of their toughest apologetic questions. Holds 12 fl oz. and is dishwasher and microwave safe. Modeled after those notebook-sized study guides you may have used in high school or college, these handy laminated cards provide clear, concise summaries of STR tactics and arguments. Use these cards to occasionally refresh your memory, and employing their material will become second nature. To commemorate our 20-year anniversary, we have issued an STR-imprinted USB flash drive loaded with training resources to help Christians defend their beliefs and values in the marketplace of ideas.