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Signs of Intelligence: Understanding Intelligent Design
Signs of Intelligence: Understanding Intelligent Design

William A Dembski & James M. Kushiner, Eds.

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Since the late nineteenth century Darwinism has reigned supreme. But in the last ten years, with the advent of books by experts like Phillip Johnson (Darwin on Trial), Michael Behe (Darwin's Black Box), and William Dembski (The Design Inference), an opening has been wedged into the bedrock of evolutionary theory.

Signs of Intelligence presents fourteen essays by the main players (including Johnson, Behe, and Dembski) in the intelligent design movement. In clear and accessible language, with diagrams and relevant quotations, it provides an introductory overview of the argument for intelligent design. From fossil records to the irreducible complexity of biochemistry, the logical and evidential fallacies of evolutionary theory are exposed.

This accessible book serves as an unsurpassed guide and introduction to the key arguments of a movement that may yet change the face and restore the soul of modern science.