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Truth Is Not Ice Cream: Reality Student Apologetics Conference

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Some people treat Christianity like a “build your own sundae.” They load up on the bits they like—God is love, and Heaven is real, for example—and they reject the bits they don’t like—God is wrathful, and Hell is real, for example. They may even cite Scripture to support their selections. But there’s a problem: You can’t follow your own spiritual “sweet tooth.” Truth doesn’t work like that.

Yet some within the Church are creating a sugary Christianity that fits their personal tastes and not sound doctrine. These people distort the truth so they can—wittingly or unwittingly—snare people and take them away from the truth (Acts 20:30). That’s the reason for this STR Reality Conference. We hope these videos will be life-changing, causing you to passionately seek the truth, humbly submit to truth, and boldly speak the truth. This resource includes video of the following featured presentations from our 2020 Minnesota conference:

J. Warner Wallace: Truth Is Not Ice Cream

Alisa Childers: Eight Truths Christians Must Believe

Sean McDowell: Sex and Love in a Confused Culture

Alan Shlemon: Never Read a Bible Verse

Bobby Conway: Doubting Your Way Towards God

Alan Shlemon: Can We Love Our Gay Friends and Be Faithful to God?

Alisa Childers: What Is Progressive Christianity and Why Does It Matter?

Greg Koukl: Tactics in Defending Your Faith

J. Warner Wallace: What Does the Bible Really Teach about Race and Division?