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Answering the Challenge of Evolution

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Answering the Challenge of Evolution

In this potent collection, Greg Koukl and Dr. Phillip Johnson provide the information you need to address the theory of evolution winsomely and intelligently. Included titles:

Science and Faith: Are They Compatible? – Gregory Koukl (2 CDs): Greg reveals that, rather than being hostile to science, biblical Christianity was the seedbed that gave modern science its start. He also shows that the present controversy is not about the facts of science vs. the faith of religion; it's about two competing definitions of science.

Why I'm Not an Evolutionist – Gregory Koukl: The weakness of the two essential pillars of Darwinism is exposed in a way anyone can follow. Greg also gives three empirical reasons to take Intelligent Design seriously.

The Grand Metaphysical Story of Science – Phillip Johnson: In this vigorous, lucid, and captivating address, the author of Darwin on Trial carefully shows that the evolution story has prevailed not because of facts, but because of philosophy.