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The Bible: Fast Forward DVD

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The Bible: Fast Forward gives a practical historical overview of the Old Testament, emphasizing the unfolding plan of salvation as God reveals it through His covenants with the nation of Israel, and the fulfillment of those covenants in the person of Jesus of Nazareth. You'll gain an understanding of how the central topical elements of the Christian story of reality play out historically from the Fall to the cross.
By the end of this seminar you'll be able to:
  • Identify the unifying theme of the entire Bible
  • Chart the twelve main historical events of the nation of Israel, from the call of Abraham to the coming of Messiah
  • List the basic elements of the Abrahamic, Mosaic, and New Covenants and examine their relevance for Christians today
  • Show how the events, covenants, and promises of the Old Testament come to their perfect focus and fulfillment in Christ
  • Demonstrate that the Bible presents one cohesive plan of salvation
Includes PDF download of comprehensive study outline with questions for reflection and discussion.