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The Ambassador's Guide to the New Atheists
The Ambassador's Guide to the New Atheists

Gregory Koukl

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Sometimes the best thing that can happen to your faith is for someone to launch a vigorous attack on it. Of course, this is what many Christians fear most. But when properly engaged, it fortifies your convictions like nothing else can.

In this respect the so-called “New Atheists”—Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Sam Harris, and Christopher Hitchens—have done Christians a favor.  Ideas easily destroyed by those acquainted with the facts ought to be discarded. But if Christian ideas are sound, they will not be upended so easily.

In this booklet, Gregory Koukl will walk you through the issues, answering the critics' specific objections.  As you become more familiar with the other side's arguments, you may even be surprised at how weak their resistance really is.  In developing answers to the toughest arguments against your position, you'll strengthen both your witness and your confidence in your convictions.