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The Berkeley Lectures
The Berkeley Lectures

Gregory Koukl

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Join Greg Koukl as he engages students on the campus of UC Berkeley on two explosive issues: "Can one morality be correct?" (moral relativism), and "Can one religion be correct?" (religious pluralism).

Speaking to an overflow audience both nights, Greg first presents a searing critique of moral relativism and the postmodern concept of "tolerance," ending on the topic of guilt and forgiveness. In the second lecture, Greg argues forcefully that all religions can not be equally valid, and that, for good reasons, Jesus alone solves the problem facing every person: true moral guilt.

Each lecture is followed by a dynamic Q & A session as Greg fields a range of challenges from Berkeley students. Learn from his example under fire as Greg takes on the opposition using the tools of an effective ambassador--an accurately informed mind, an artful method, and an attractive manner.