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Truth and the Real World
Truth and the Real World

Brett Kunkle

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CD Audio
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Truth matters. Truth exists. Careful thinking about it is not a meaningless intellectual exercise, it is a requirement for followers of Jesus Christ living in a postmodern age. According to Jesus your eternity hangs on what you think is true. So who are you going to listen to, Jesus or a culture that denies truth's existence?

Brett will help you (and your students) think carefully about truth and its relationship to two of the weightiest areas of human existence: morality and religion. This set includes a Leader's Guide in PDF to facilitate an engaging group study with discussion and activities for junior high, high school, or college students. You may make as many copies of the student worksheets as needed for your group.

The format fits well into almost any program, whether it's a Sunday school class, small group or Bible study. Or study on your own. A student booklet is also included.