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Common Ground without Compromise: Creating Dialogue on Abortion
Common Ground without Compromise: Creating Dialogue on Abortion

Stephen Wagner

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Are you tired of seeing discussions about your faith and values degenerate into a war of angry words?  Do you keep quiet about unpopular beliefs because you fear offending people?  Stephen Wagner thinks there’s a third alternative: common ground without compromise.

In the first of two engaging presentations, Steve shows how common ground is modeled in the Bible, and he makes the case that Christians shouldn’t be afraid to find common ground.  Rather, common ground is an essential tool for creating dialogue, a safe atmosphere in which people on all sides of the worldview can begin to offer, defend, and rethink their views.

In the second presentation, Steve models this approach with the thorny issue of abortion.  Drawing on hundreds of hours of conversation with pro-choice advocates, Steve shows how people on all sides of the issue can raise the level of the dialogue by recognizing the many things they agree on first.  Using first-hand accounts of his encounters with people who disagree, Steve outlines areas of common ground and shows how they transform both conversations and the people having them.