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reTHINK Apologetics Student Conference 2018 DVD
reTHINK Apologetics Student Conference 2018 DVD

Various Speakers

DVD Video: $25.00


The Bible is under attack. Its claims about history, science, and morality are all being challenged by some of the toughest atheists in the world. This year, we've designed a conference concentrating on some of the top challenges to the Bible. This DVD resource includes audio of selected sessions*, as well as video of the following featured presentations from our 2018 Southern California conference:

  • Are the Gospels Reliable? - J. Warner Wallace
  • Has God Spoken? - Greg Koukl, Alan Shlemon, Tim Barnett
  • The Bible is Full of Unbelievable Stories - Frank Turek
  • The God of the OT is a Moral Monster - Jason Jimenez
  • Science and the Bible Don't Mix - Tim Barnett
  • Navigating Homosexuality and Transgender - Alan Shlemon
  • Why Did God Allow Evil and Suffering? - Jason Jimenez

*Audio MP3s are located on Disc 4