Apologetics for a New Generation: A Biblical & Culturally Relevant Approach to Thinking about God

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Many teenagers leave home for college but don’t take their faith with them. Popular writer and speaker Sean McDowell offers a solution for this problem: a new way of approaching faith that addresses the questions the emerging generation is asking and that incorporates a radically humble and relational approach.

An impressive list of contributors including Dan Kimball ( They Like Jesus but Not the Church), Brian Godawa (Hollywood Worldviews), Brett Kunkle, Alan Shlemon, and Josh McDowell show that today’s apologetics must employ...

• a clear connection with everyday life
• an invitation for people to express their doubts and wrestle with tough questions
• a culturally savvy understanding of the way secular people view Christians
• an engaging methodology that captures the imagination before engaging the mind
• a strong emphasis on the resurrection and how it changes everything

This resource is imperative for leaders who are ready to engage a new generation with the claims of Christ.