A Closer Look at Islam

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Islam is gaining more attention every day, but popular understandings of Islam seem to be missing the true nature of Muslim beliefs and practices. As ambassadors for Christ, we’re called to learn the truth about Islam and engage with Muslims in a Christlike manner.

In the first of this two-part series, Alan Shlemon demystifies what Islam really teaches by pointing directly to its authoritative sources. He then examines how it stacks up to Christianity, providing a better understanding of Muslims and their faith.

In part two, Alan discusses how to have Gospel-centered interactions with your Muslim neighbors, employing a powerful tactic to help reach them in a way that builds common ground, respects their faith, and uses their own scriptures to point them to the truth.

Part 1:
•Our Commission as Ambassadors
•The Truth about Violent Jihad
•The Basic Doctrines of Islam
Part 2:
•Responding to Objections
•Engaging Your Muslim Neighbor