Critical Challenges: Six Destructive Ideas Confronting Today's Christians

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Critical Challenges: Six Destructive Ideas Confronting Today's Christi

There is nothing new under the sun, writes the Preacher of Ecclesiastes, lamenting the painfully short memory of mankind. Old ideas, once discredited and abandoned, resurface under new guises with restored vitality. And in our culture today, many of these recycled innovations represent serious challenges to the Christian worldview. The New Atheism, Zeitgeist's Jesus-as-myth, The Secret's Law of Attraction--all are bereft of new ideas, but can appear to many as "fresh" perspectives on the world we inhabit.

In this ever-changing spiritual landscape, the Christian ambassador must be prepared to face whatever challenges come to the fore. To that end, Stand to Reason has assembled this collection of what we believe are the six most pressing issues confronting today's Christian. Armed with these timely teachings, you'll be equipped to address the most critical challenges our culture has to offer.

Titles include:

Jesus: Man or Myth?
Evil, Suffering, and the Goodness of God
The Secret: A Fatal Attraction
Is One Way the Only Way?
Answering the New Atheists
The Ambassador's Guide to Islam (booklet)