Is There Life Out There?

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A Christian Astrophysicist Answers Common Questions about the Search for Life-Friendly Planets

How do we make sense of what we hear on the news about the discovery of life on other planets? How many of these claims are blown out of proportion or exaggerated? And how close are scientists to finding life on other planets?

Christian astrophysicist Dr. Jeff Zweerink helps readers discern the difference between science fiction and scientific fact when it comes to the search for life on other planets.

In Is There Life Out There?, Dr. Zweerink answers common questions about life on other planets in an easy-to-understand format to help Christians tackle their fears about science and faith. This includes answering one of the most important questions of all: IF scientists find life on other planets, then would that disprove Christianity?

Questions include:
  • Must life be carbon-based?
  • What does "habitable" mean?
  • How would we know if life exists out there?
  • Does a multiverse exist?
  • Why isn't Pluto a planet?
  • Is global warming bad?
  • Is Star Wars realistic?
  • Isn't it arrogant to think we are the only life?
  • What does the Bible say about life on other planets?
  • What kinds of life are possible?
  • Why did God wait so long to create humans?
  • Would the discovery of ET disprove Christianity?
  • Must ET exist?

This is a great book to share with a student in your life who is curious to explore these questions.