Who Is Jesus?: Reality Student Apologetics Conference

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Many Christians don’t really know Jesus. We can’t get beyond a few cliches about Him. And because we don’t really know much about Jesus, we can’t encounter Him as He intended. We can’t experience the kind of transformation He offers. It’s time to reTHINK Jesus.

This video resource includes the following plenary and breakout presentations from our 2016 Southern California conference:

  • Stand to Reason - Beyond the Clichés: Who is Jesus and What Did He Really Do? (streaming free below)
  • Tim Barnett: The God
  • Alan Shlemon: The Man
  • Greg Koukl: The Rescue
  • Brett Kunkle: The Way
  • Scott Klusendorf - Who Would Jesus Protect? The Case for Life
  • J. Warner Wallace - Can We Trust What the Gospels Say About Jesus?
  • Sean McDowell - What Does Jesus Think about Porn?
  • Mike Adams - Standing Courageously for Jesus
  • Beautiful Eulogy - Creating Beauty for Jesus’ Sake
  • Sean McDowell - Would Jesus Be Intolerant?
  • J. Warner Wallace - The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus